Therapeutic harp

Around the world an increasing number people are learning to play harp for therapeutic purposes. They play in hospitals, palliative care, aged care, dental surgeries, fertility clinics, child care and a range of other caring environments. Harp music can be combined with other complementary therapies such as yoga, meditation and massage. Harp music can help to reduce stress, anxiety and pain and support physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. A number of harp players in Western Australia have been, or are studying towards, playing thereapeutic harp. If you have any questions about this field you can email


*** See our Upcoming Events page for information about our therapeutic harp workshop and information event to be held on the 5th and 6th of May 2018 ***


Therapeutic harp players attend the Amana Living Arts Festival

A group of harp players from the Therapeutic Harp Circle were asked by Amana Living to play for residents as a part of their Arts Festival during February and March 2018. In some care centres the harpists played at the bedside and in others they played for groups. Click here to view an article about the festival.


Therapeutic Harp Circle


April theme: Deep peace with the Reverie harp
Meets on the last Saturday of every month.
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Bedside harp

Music for deep peace and rest in the privacy of your own home.
The Harp Studio,
Claremont-Nedlands area


Harp harmonies

Harp Choir providing music to lift the spirit and soothe the soul.





Performances are offered in aged care homes, hospitals, schools and early childhood centres.
The Harp Studio,
Perth Metro area.