Harps for sale

FOR SALE - $2,900 Sophia 34 string black lever harp made by Harps Australia in 2014.
It has a padded carry bag and 2 sets of different size legs plus a tuning key, digital tuner and some spare wire strings. It has just been serviced with one new lever and full set of nylon strings by Fred Brewer. We are located in Baldivis WA. Phone Samantha 0451 134 916.



FOR SALE – $3,000 Dusty Strings Ravenna 34 strings, purchased in 2008 with backpack, stand, tuning key and backpack straps. Fully levered with Loveland levers. Harp is in good condition having been used mainly in temperature controlled recording studio. Could do with regulation procedure to fix buzzing on high G string when lever is not engaged. Adam: 0414 291 770 or



FOR SALE - $300 William MacDonald Seriol 22 wire strung purchased 2012.

Made in Skye Scotland from Willow, Cherry and Yew. The word “Sarah” is burnt into the column by the maker in gothic font. Accessories - Set of spare strings widgets to attach strings to harp body and tuning key

Harp is in poor condition having sustained damage due to humidity/ill fitting case issues. High E string currently missing. High E tuning pin is losing traction and needs to be knocked in a little with a rubber mallet or a have a thin layer of super glue/shims applied to pin hole. Small ding in column. Harp is playable but looks worse for wear and could do with luthier attention (I suspect any luthier would do and a harp specialist is not necessarily required). The harp is good for recording but could not be used in a live setting without amplification (which pretty much goes for most wire strung instruments).

Adam: 0414 291 770 or



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Harp trolleys

Custom harp trolleys are available from Fred Brewer.

Price range: $200-$230

$25 of each purchase donated to the Harp Society.

Contact Fred Brewer at: 9419 3558