About us

A small community of harpists from the metropolitan South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia, started organising harp gatherings under the guidance of Christine Jones of Albany. Through these gatherings there became a growing awareness of the limitations placed on talented WA harpists not being eligible to compete in interstate competitions unless they were members of an Incorporated Harp Society. This in turn led Christine and Neil McDonald to found the Harp Society of WA Inc. in 2012. With the objective to support and nurture the enjoyment of harps and harp playing in WA, Christine and Neil enlisted the help of local harp teachers to bring new opportunities for the upcoming generation of harpists in WA.

Now with a strong committee and a steadily growing membership, the Harp Society of Western Australia continues to host regular gatherings, concerts, festivals and camps, sponsoring both international, interstate and local harpists to interact and play for the wider local community. In 2013 the Harp Society hosted its first annual Youth Harp Festival, enlisting Sarah Bowman, Principal Harpist of WASO, to adjudicate and mentor the young harpists of WA. 2015 saw the Harp Society host its first Harp Camp with guest harpist Mary Doumany, an acclaimed Melbourne harpist. In 2016 Alice Giles, celebrated as one of the world’s leading harp soloists, was the guest harpist at the annual Harp Camp. The guest harpist for the 2017 harp camp was Melbourne harpist and pedagogue Jacinta Dennett.