The objectives of the Harp Society of Western Australia Inc. are simply:


"To promote the enjoyment and benefits of the harp and harp playing in Western Australia!" 


The Harp Society strives to bring opportunities to Western Australia for harpists of all ages and abilities. Our regular Harps Gatherings bring together our diverse community in the spirit of joyful music making.

Upcoming events

AGM: 25th of August 


Last events

Introduction to Therapeutic Harp Workshop with Tina Tourin

This workshop was for anyone interested in learning to play harp to help and support others. We learnt about playing for people in hospital, palliative care, aged care and a range of medical, care and therapeutic settings. This workshop was attended by experienced harpists and people who are at the beginning of their harp therapy journey. This was a unique opportunity to meet Tina Tourin, who has played a huge role in developing therapeutic harp around the world. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet other people who are on the therapeutic harp journey.


Information event: Stories from the Bedside - The Healing Power of Music

Tina Tourin played some beautiful harp pieces and shared her experiences as a therapeutic harp practitioner. This was a great opportunity to meet Tina Tourin and some Western Australian therapeutic harp players.