The objectives of the Harp Society of Western Australia Inc. are simply:


"To promote the enjoyment and benefits of the harp and harp playing in Western Australia!" 


Working with local harp teachers, the Harp Society strives to bring opportunities to Western Australia for harpists of all ages and abilities. Our regular Harps Gatherings bring together our diverse community in the spirit of joyful music making.


Last event: Christmas Carolling at Claremont Quarter

"On Saturday the 2nd of December I joined a group of 6 ladies from the Harp Society of WA Inc. to perform Christmas Carols, at the Quarter in Claremont.
I prepared for the event with some trepidation, as it was my very first time performing with a group of harpists, in public.
However, we were lead with great flare by Eliza Bourgault du Coudray. She was seated right in front of me; leading and directing the group. Just seeing her calm expression enabled me to play better than I had expected; and  to sing as well. I had decided beforehand that I would be flat out playing adequately, without attempting to sing.
We received some lovely feedback and applause from passing shoppers. Catherine made time to respond to the curiosity of a small child, by encouraging her to move in and strum the strings of her Harpsicle harp. The joy on her tiny face was wonderful to behold.
I am so glad that I pushed through my nervousness and fear.  Looking forward to the next performance."
- Harpist Kerry Cockburn-Campbell