The objectives of the Harp Society of Western Australia Inc. are simply:


"To promote the enjoyment and benefits of the harp and harp playing in Western Australia!" 


Working with local harp teachers, the Harp Society strives to bring opportunities to Western Australia for harpists of all ages and abilities. Our regular Harps Gatherings bring together our diverse community in the spirit of joyful music making.


Last event: Therapeutic Harp Weekend Workshop

with Alison Ware

Aspiring harp therapists enjoyed the professional teachings of Alison Ware at the Society's first ever Therapeutic Harp Weekend Workshop. Held at the peaceful Cancer Council centre in Shenton Park, the harpists (who had varied backgrounds and musical abilities) learnt about harp therapy, improvisation, how to approach a piece and other useful therapeutic elements. Many thanks to Alison Ware for coming out to Perth from Canberra to lead this workshop. Thanks to the participants for their efforts and enthusiasm; and thanks to the committee for organising this whole event, in particular Helen Punch, the main event coordinator. Our next harp therapy event will be in May.